When President Trump Declared A Ban Of Transgender People From The Military, Did It Have Anything To Do With Scripture?

Yes, more than most people realize.  This decision, which reversed the previous executive action of the Obama administration from June, 2016 of allowing transgender people to serve in our military, was met with the expected breathless hysteria and venom from those who support such a policy.  But, why all the fuss?  Throughout our entire nation’s history and  virtually throughout the entire history of man on earth, it was an absurd notion to even insinuate that THIS should be the choice of our military.  It mattered not at all to President Obama that the joint chiefs of our military wanted at least another 6-month period of time to review this matter and see whether it would have an adverse affect on our troops.  Ignoring their advise, he instituted this policy anyway at the end of his 8 years in office, knowing that his successor would have to address this issue.

How did the media react to this stunning announcement?  They reacted exactly the same as anyone would to an issue that they held dear…or, “sacred” perhaps?

Gay ex-Army chief blasts Trump transgender military ban—USA Today, July 27, 2017

Trump, on Twitter, announced a ban on transgender service members. Now the military has to figure out what he means—Los Angeles Times, July 26, 2017

Trump to reinstate US military ban on transgender people—CNN Politics, July 26, 2017

‘Very, Very Disappointing’: Caitlyn Jenner Weighs In on Trump’s Transgender Ban—NBC News Aug. 2, 2017  (Seriously?  NBC felt the need to interview Bruce Jenner?)

His proclamation, on Twitter, rather than any formal announcement, drew bipartisan denunciations and threw currently serving transgender soldiers into limbo.—AP, July 26, 2017

Transgender military ban: Trump isolates America once again.  Other countries have moved toward inclusive militaries.  The new Trump policy makes America look more like Russia than NATO allies–USA Today, July 27, 2017

Wow!  That’s a lot of condemnation from many news sources!  In fact, the tsunami of contempt and anger over this decision was nearly universal among the media in both the U.S. and overseas.  How can it be that a relatively recent executive action taken by the former President–which previously had never existed in any military in any country on earth–was aggressively supported by so many so quickly?  Was this just politics as usual?  Or, was this something more; akin to attacking the FAITH of the believers of some sort of unspoken religion?

It may come as a surprise to all the vocal opponents of this new policy that they are all unwittingly following a secret religion, spoken of by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation.  He called it a “Mystery” religion, which I spoke about in detail in an earlier post which you can read by clicking here:

Without going into the same degree of detail as that earlier post, the reason that the Apostle John called it a Mystery is because he prophesied that it would exist on earth in the latter days–OUR lifetime–and would influence all nations and all cultures throughout the world.  This “religion” is really just that.  It is a faith, based upon an ancient Babylonian pagan religion which actually believed that mankind is a fallen “god” that fell to earth from heaven.  Previously, while in his “perfect” form IN heaven, this creature contained both sexes in one spiritual body like a hermaphrodite, but when it fell to earth it split into two separate sexes, creating man and woman.  Here is how John described it in Revelation:

Rev. 17:5–“And upon her forehead was a name written, Mystery, Babylon The Great, The Mother Of Harlots And Abominations Of The Earth.

This pagan belief was known in the 1st century A.D., so John wasn’t just describing the conditions on earth in our lifetime, he was also describing this false belief that existed in his.  And, the reason John referred to it as the “Mother Of Harlots and Abominations Of The Earth” is because this pagan faith is an attempt to destroy Yahweh’s master plan of bringing all of humanity into his heavenly family.  It is the concept of FAMILY that is the foundation of creation and it is our heavenly FATHER and BROTHER who will bring this moment into reality.

Satan is determined to thwart this master plan, thus the Mystery religion has now been reintroduced.  Even though it has no formal following–no church, no assemblies, no ministers and no written doctrine, it is as much a religion as any other known religion on earth.  But, because it is a MYSTERY, not even its practicioners are aware that they are following this pagan faith.  In order to identify who they are and what this Mystery religion believes, all we need to do is examine whether the event in question or the belief in question brings on closer to Yahweh and his plan of one big FAMILY or takes one further away from this plan.

Which brings me to this recent story in the news of President Trump’s executive order.  The entire silly concept of a person being “born in the wrong body” and must therefore transgender into the appropriate body is the epitome of destroying any aspect of family.  To accept the concept that a person may transgender from one sex to another is the zenith of the Mystery Religion whose initial advocates began to appear many decades ago with other beliefs which also destroy the family, such as:

Evolution elevates man above his creator, thus “family” is random, since man evolved from slime as he magically crawled out of a swamp.

Homosexuality and lesbianism are just alternate lifestyles and they too should be allowed to define what a family is without condemnation from the unenlightened bigots out there.

Abortion does not kill an unborn baby.  It is merely a tissue-mass and a women’s health decision.  This has nothing to do with potential family members.

Atheists have a deeper understanding of our place in the universe than the rubes who actually believe in those fables found in an ancient text called the “Bible”.  Thus, man is the highest order of intelligence in the universe, not some superior “creator”.  As if.

Bathrooms must now offer gender-neutral choices because the awkward decision of which sex you are at any given moment is flexible and we must be tolerant of which sex a person identified with at that particular moment.

When you look at each of these phenomena, all you need to ask yourself is “does this bring us closer or further away from Yahweh’s master plan of a universal family in heaven?”  Clearly, each of the examples cited above are in total opposition to the original concept of family and are antagonistic against the moral, loving and natural blessings that Yahweh gave us from the moment of creation of one man and one woman, through their loving union, bringing about future generations of additional families on earth.

Just imagine General George Patton during World War II wrestling with the difficult decision of how to be tolerant and accepting of the soldiers under his command who were struggling with the gut-wrenching choice of their sexual identities.  I know this sounds absurd to even imagine it, but keep in mind, Patton died just over 70 years ago, so all of these lifestyle discussions have only become mainstream in our lifetimes and primarily within the past twenty years.

So, when we see the nearly unanimous condemnation of President Trump advocating a formerly common sense policy, all of the critics are followers of the Mystery Religion and they don’t even know it.  It is called a Mystery because it is hiding in plain sight yet it cannot be seen.  Its beliefs are rigid, based on a faith, but nobody believes it’s a faith.  Its goal–to destroy the age-old definition of the family–with all kinds of alternative lifestyle choices, does not understand that THAT is the goal of this ancient religion.

The Mystery Religion is now alive and well and becoming the dominant force on earth with millions of followers of this religion all believing that they are just more open minded and tolerant of how others live their lives.  But now that you know what to look for, you will recognize the existence of this ancient Goddess and her influence on the world today.

If you think it’s bad now, just wait until it reaches the point where we begin accepting open sex acts in places of worship.  But that’s for another article.





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